Jessica Brown, Soapmaker

Meet the Soapmakers: Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown, Soapmaker

It’s time for another introduction to our family team! Meet Jessica, our soapmaker, pet photographer, and TikTok extraordinaire.

A Nashville native, Jessica is a writer, reader, soapmaker, horror fan, and novice gardener who loves pets and children alike. When she’s not in the soap studio, she cares for others in the healthcare field. Jessica likes to say that she married into soap, and if you’ve watched one of our videos or seen our Market Pet of the Week series, you know her voice and photography already.

Jessica at our booth at the Murfreesboro Saturday Market

You also know her handiwork in our products! Together with Rick and Kay, she helps to make, name, and package our bath bombs, soaps, and more. Her favorite creation changes with the seasons, but with her love for earthy scents, it’s probably either Queen Crimson or Embrace.

You can find her each weekend at the Murfreesboro Saturday Market and from time to time at Murfreesboro’s Painted Tree Boutiques. Learn more about Jessica and our family team by signing up for our newsletter.

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