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Here's what customers are saying about our handmade, cruelty-free vegan soaps, lotions, and bath bombs. Do you have feedback on our creations? Please let us know via email!

I've been buying for years now. Tried others but none compare ! Certainly have my favorites but am always open to new scents too 😃 P.S. ... I have quite a few in a container in my closet which in turn makes my closet smell delicious!

- Shirley Carson Alexander

I love your soaps, as does my husband, we don’t use anything else. Everything you all make is great but the soaps are the best. Thank you guys!!

- Kim Senneke

I use your facial and hand soaps. My very favorite is your Black Dragon lotion. Can't wait until you come out with a perfume of the same scent. Love, the Flower Lady!

- Alecia Welbern

I love your soaps… I don’t use any except y’all’s!!!

- Deb Newbern Johnston

Love your soaps Kay you're the best!!

- Becky Brake

Best soap in the world! I have so many favorites, I can't pick just one. The soap has helped my husband's dry skin so much. We will never go back to store bought soap!

- Rhoda Fagan

Wonderful products that give me a feeling of luxury.

- Bev Robson

I only use your soap and I love it. Coconut milk and oatmeal for me. Thank you for providing it at Rare Bird Antiques.

- Pamela Jenkins Adair

I love your soaps, I’ve been using them since I discovered them. New Day is my favorite. I have the Sunset Beach in soap and lotion. They smell amazing. Thank you for all you do.😊

- Lorraine Selgado Curcio

These soaps are my favorites of any I have ever used. The scents are rich and the soap leaves my skin feeling good and not dry like some others do. The lotions and face bars are fabulous as well!!

- Jenna Perry

Love these soaps! I was skeptical about the shampoo bar, but it's now almost gone after dozens of washes, and my hair feels as nice as ever! The body and facial soap are also heavenly! I love the way they all make my entire bathroom smell. I can't wait to use up all of the rest of my plastic bottle soaps so I can use these exclusively.

- Hailey Regnier

I love the soaps and bath bombs from Scent of the Sun. We bought some at a craft fair in Hendersonville a couple of months ago and have been hooked since. The bath bombs make my skin feel so hydrated, and my husband loves the Black Dragon bar soap. Wonderful products from a great small business.

- Cami Key

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