Meet the Soapmakers: Rick Brown

Meet the Soapmakers: Rick Brown

It’s time for one more introduction to our family team! Meet Rick, our co-owner, soapmaker, and social/web manager.

Having lived in Tennessee nearly all of his life, Rick is a writer, hiker, photographer, soapmaker, animal lover, and gardener. He joined his mother Kay in Scent of the Sun after grad school, and if you’ve seen a post, photo, or webpage from us, he likely produced it. In his other professional life, he sends many, many emails.
Rick Brown, soapmaker

Together with Kay and Jessica, he makes our soaps, bath bombs, and more—although his favorite may just be one of his earliest creations, Queen Crimson.

You can find him and Jessica every Saturday during the season at the @Murfreesboro Saturday Market and occasionally at Murfreesboro’s Painted Tree Boutiques. Learn more about him and our team by signing up for our newsletter.

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