The Visual Magic of Slab Molds for Vegan Soap

The Visual Magic of Slab Molds for Vegan Soap

This is a post in our blog, "Happy Accidents in Soapmaking." We hope readers will enjoy discovering just how much fun cold process soapmaking can be. Curious about the mother-and-son team at Scent of the Sun? Learn more.

Did you know that soap can be made in any number of molds? Our longtime customers know that we love using unique moldsfrom cupcakes to flowersfor our facial soaps, but there's also a diversity of bar molds you can use, too.

We recently started using slab molds to create some of our vegan soaps, which allows us to make more bars at once than our old "loaf" molds. It's a wonderful way to save time, but it's also a delightful way to add even more intricate visual designs to our soaps.

Here is a peek at how we used a slab mold to create an upcoming addition to our spring soap collection: a sweet, pineapple-y summer soap we think you'll love. What's your favorite soap shape? Let us know!



Rick Brown is one half of the family-run vegan soap business that is Scent of the Sun. Learn more about us.

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Sherrie, thank you so much for the kind words, and of course! We will follow up with you via email shortly.

Rick Brown

I am a kidney patient at St. Thomas Hospital A nurse is St. Thomas Hospital Uses your soap it’s smells so good that I asked her about it she gave me a picture of your card I would love to order if I could get the information on how to order from you or maybe even your location and maybe I could come to the flea market and purchase some soap from you or do you ship out orders

Sherrie Morrow

Thank you so much, Lisa! :-)

Rick Brown

That needs to be framed and hung on the wall! It’s beautiful! We love your soaps ❤️

Lisa Hamilton

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